Download Free Notepad++ For Mac And Windows

Notepad is one such software which probably doesn’t require any introduction to us since all of us have used this software in the task of word processing. 

If we talk about the Notepad Application or software in the simple language, then it is Microsoft Windows word processing and the code editor software which can be used in the task of writing the word and editing them. 

Notepad++ on the other hand is the latest innovation or the upgraded version of the old Notepad which comes with the several advanced features which are missing in the Simple notepad software. 

This is the reason that now the Notepad++ has surpassed the old Notepad in the terms of usages as it lets the users accomplish various kinds of the other advanced tasks which were earlier impossible to be done by the Notepad.

If you are also using the old Notepad software but are looking for some advanced features in the same software then we would suggest you to switch to the new Notepad++ software. Here the best thing is that Notepad download is very easy now as there are many websites which are offering this software at free of cost. 

This is the reason that why Notepad++ is being used by almost all Windows operating system users, and you can also download Notepad++ from the website where it is available at free of cost, and can be downloaded very easily by anyone. 

Here below we are providing you the list of features that you will get in the Notepad++ software 

  • This software provides support to the more languages than the old Notepad software.
  • If you are someone who tends to use the markup language features in the daily routine task then this software has that feature. 
  • The intelligent code completion feature is also there in the software. 
  • The code folding feature is also compatible in the Notepad++. 

The above-mentioned features are just the prime features yet there are many other features in this software.

Notepad++ Portable 

The portable version of Notepad++ is for the people who want to carry this software with them and install in into the other devices. It will save your memory and time to download the software over and over again, and then install it in the other device. 

The portable Notepad++ will help you from that frustration, as by the help of it you can easily accomplish your work using the other devices than your routine devices.

Notepad++ For Windows 7

Notepad++ is the part of the Microsoft Incorporation hence it is obvious to say that the software is compatible with all kinds of windows generation. 

You can easily install Notepad windows 7 and in the other generations of windows from the Windows xp onwards.

How To Install Notepad++ 

We have discussed about the definition and the significance of the Notepad++ but in order to make the most of this software you will obviously need to download this software first. 

It is not a big deal as we have all listened about the Notepad online by which you can easily download the setup of Notepad and then can install it in your device. 

Here below we are going to help you by our step by step guide to install the Notepad++ in your computer device.

  • Go to the Google search engine and then type the following URL to go to the downloading page of the Notepad++.

  • After arriving on the website you will see the download option just click on that and it will start downloading the setup of the Notepad.

  • Once you are done downloading the setup then you just need to install it in your computer. 

  • Click on the open software and it will begin the installation process.

  • Once the installation process is done then you can start using this Notepad++ software. 

Notepad++ Mac 

Well as we know that Notepad++software is only available to download for the Windows operating systems users hence if you are using any other operating system then you can’t install the Notepad++ software in your computer system. 

This may not be the good thing for the Mac users as well want a software which is alike the Notepad++ and can help us in the similar tasks doing. Considering this aspect Apple has also offered the Notepad Mac software, which are specifically available for the Mac users and they can be considered as the close alternate of the Microsoft Windows Notepad++. 

Here below we are going to suggest you the name of that software one by one so that you can make your analysis and then download the one which serves your purpose.

Sublime Text 

Apple’s device are world famous due to their cost and the price aspect even majority of the Apple’s software are available at the subscription plans. It means you have to pay even to use some of the basic software of the Mac book. 

So, if you are willing to pay the subscription amount of around $80 then the sublime text is the strongest and the arch rival of the Notepad++software. The software does the perfect job as a code editor and comes with many advanced features just like the Notepad++ and from our side we can rate this software as A one in the context of Notepad++ alternative.


This software from Apple is for those people who are looking the free of cost alternative of the Notepad++. The software is available at free of cost and comes with some quite useful features such as the text and the code editor, getting the program’s measurement features and such other features. 

The software is known as the Adobe Brackets and is the best free source software as the alternative of Notepad++.


This is the other free of cost software for the Mac users and this software does some of the task in the smartest way. The software is an ideal choice for those people who are looking for the best customized software, as by the help of this software you can execute the desired tasks in your own way. 

The software is also best in the language programming such as the HTML and the Java script, hence if you are looking for the Notepad HTML language then you can consider the Atom software. 

Komodo Edit 

This is the one other alternative of the Notepad++ for the Mac users. The software comes with the special feature as tool komodo editing which makes this software more special. 

In this software you will get the plenty of the features such as syntax highlighting, mutiples language support, autocomplete text features etc. Overall this software will provide you the full fledge text or code editing features.

What is Notepad++

If you Google Notepad then you will get the simple definition of a simple software which does the task writing and editing task in the simple manner. The software is used as the integral part of the Microsoft’s Operating system and hence you will get to see Notepad in almost every other Windows computers. 

The software was first launched in the year of 1983 as the part of Microsoft’s DOS operating system, and later the software was integrated in all the generations of Windows computers. In the present scenario, the software can be seen in all the generations of Windows from the Windows Xp onwards. 

Notepad Download For Windows 7 

If your windows computer is missing the Notepad software then you need to install it in your system to start using it. There are many websites on the Internet from where you can download this software as a free and open source software. 

You can go to the Google and make a search as the Microsoft Notepad download for Windows 7 and you will get many downloading option from there to download and install this software in your computer. 

The software will provide you with the basic features of writing and editing the text. 

Notepad For Mac

As we have seen and discussed the Notepad for Microsoft Windows in the similar way Apple also has designed the Notepad for its mac book devices. The Mac Notepad also comes with the similar features, so that its users can also enjoy those features just like the Windows users. 

The Windows Notepad for the computer is available at free of cost while it is not the case with the Apple’s Mac book users. 

Yes if you want to install and use the Mac Notepad in your device, then you will be require to buy the premium plan of the Notepad which is available at around $20. You can use all the features of the Mac Notepad after buying the subscription plan of it.

Install Plugin For Notepad++

Although Notepad++ is an advanced text and the code editor software which comes with almost all kinds of useful features yet there are some features which might be missing even in the Notepad++. 

This is when notepad plugin come into existence as they provide some additional capabilities to the Notepad++ software by the help of which the users can execute the other tasks easily. 

If you also want to install plugins in the Notepad++ software then follow our step by step guide which will help you to do that. 

  • First of all, you need to just download the plugin file that you want to integrate in the Notepad++ software. 
  • Once you download the plugin file then you need to go to the location of your C drive as C:/Program files/Notepad++plugins.
  • Once you arrive in that location then you need to paste the plugin source file here. 

After pasting the plugin file you just need to restart the Notepad++ software and then you will be able to use the plugin.

Notepad++ XML Plugin 

As we have discussed above that plugins with the integration of Notepad++ software helps the users to execute some extra tasks, which were impossible to be executed before the installation of the plugins within the Notepad software. 

The plugin helps the users to personalise their notepad for example if you are a teacher and want a personalised notepad for teachers then you can install the plugins to achieve your purpose. Here below we are providing you the guide by which you can install the Notepad++ XML Plugin easily.

  • Just like the earlier plugin in this plugin also you need to download the source file of this plugin in order to install it.
  • Once you download the plugin source file then you need to have the Notepad++ software in your computer. 
  • Now go to the Notepad++ software and just click on it to open the software.
    Now go to the plugin menus of the Notepad++ and there you will see the list of available plugins.
  • There in the list, you will see the XML plugins option as well.
  • Now just mark as correct on this plugin and then you will be able to use this pluging as an extension to your Notepad++ software.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin 

This is yet another plugin which is used by the majority of the users and for this reason many people seek the ways to install this plugin in Notepad++ software. 

Well, the process of installing this plugin is also similar to the other plugins as we have installed below. 

You can go through the procedure of those plugins, and then in the similar way you can install the Notepad++ compare plugin as well.

Textplus For PC 

Textplus is the audio calling software for the PC and if you have to make so many calls in the course of your day then this software could be the best for you. 

The software requires the 3G or 4G internet network and then it lets the users making the call from the one PC to the other anywhere in the World. 

Notepad++ Download For Android

Android smartphones are getting the huge popularity these days as many people are here who want to do the Notepad work while being on the go. With the help of the Notepad on your Android device, you can easily serve your such purpose. 

You can install the Notepad application on your Android device by downloading it from the Google play store. 

What is Wordpad?

Wordpad can be considered as the other name of the Notepad as both of these software have been actually developed by the Microsoft itself. You can get the Wordpad in the Microsoft office setup, and it does the same job of text writing and the code editor. 


So, this is all we have about the Notepad software as we have discussed almost all the elements of the Notepad. We have also provided you the ways that how you can actually install it in your computer devices. 

Notepad++ software can be considered as the best software in the language programming. You can install the Notepad Linux in the linux operating system devices as well.