How GrabHosts Can Help You Save 51% on Article Forge?

AI tools these days have two primary jobs; to save you money and time. Many AI tools do these jobs brilliantly but most devices compromise on other aspects of content writing. Article Forge is a tool that does not compromise on any quality of your writing and still manages to save you time and money.

But, it’s always better to save more money, and we are here to help you do just that. There are multiple coupons that can reduce the price of a tool. We are going to discuss a coupon website called GrabHosts, which offers top coupons for Article Forge.

GrabHosts is a coupon site that has many discount deals for different tools. Luckily for content writers, one of their biggest discounts is on Article Forge. With their exclusive Article Forge coupon, you can save as much as 51% on the yearly pricing plans. This goes on to make up for a discount of at least $168 every year. 

Keep reading this article to find out how GrabHosts can help you save 51% on Article Forge every year. We will also talk about a few other things related to Article Forge.

Article Forge Coupon

About Article Forge

Article Forge is a tool run by AI that writes articles about any topic that you ask it. The main purpose of this tool is to help you generate articles with the least effort and at the smallest costs. Article Forge has many exciting features for bloggers.

The main thing that makes Article Forge stand out from the crowd is its ability to generate SEO-optimized content. This and other features like bulk article generation, image insertion, and title generation make Article Forge a solid option for those looking for an AI writing tool.

The pricing plans of Article Forge do not disappoint either. There are two plans and each one of them has a number of options for customization. The first plan has a monthly starting price of only $27 while the price of the second plan is undetermined. But rest assured as GrabHosts is your way to a 51% discount on their plans.

About GrabHosts

To put it in the simplest terms; GrabHosts is a website that has a lot of coupon codes to save you money when you purchase online tools. The range of different tools on GrabHosts varies from AI writing tools to themes and plugins for your website.

GrabHosts does a great job of gathering up-to-date coupons which have great offers for customers. There are some coupons that

 will save you up to 90% on the respective tools. Our main focus is the Article Forge coupon offered by GrabHosts. This coupon gives you a huge recurring discount of 51%.

Now we will tell you how you can get this discount through GrabHosts.

How to Save 51% on Article Forge through GrabHosts

The general pricing of Article Forge requires you to pay $27 a month for only 25K words. This is a better deal than many other AI writing tools are offering these days. But GrabHosts is here to make it even better and cheaper for you.

The following is a step-by-step guide that will help you save 51% on Article Forge:

  1. First, go to the website of GrabHosts
  2. There, search for Article Forge’s coupon store
  3. Now, select a coupon code of your choice
  4. Click on the Get Deal button of the coupon of your choice
  5. This will open a new tab where you will find the exclusive link to Article Forge’s official website
  6. Click on that link and scroll down on the official website’s home page
  7. Now, choose a pricing plan and customize it according to your requirements
  8. Then toggle the button on top for yearly payment
  9. Now click on the ‘Start my free trial button
  10. Lastly, fill in all your details and pay for the plan

The above is a comprehensive and step-by-step guide that teaches how you can save 51% on Article Forge with the help of GrabHosts exclusive coupons. Make sure to follow all the steps if you want to get Article Forge for less than half of the actual price.



This article featured a detailed guide on how you can save up to 51% on Article Forge through a special coupon link. First up, we discussed what Article Forge is and how GrabHosts offers coupon codes for many different tools.

Article Forge is a top-quality tool having all the qualities of a human writer in its content. Content produced by Article Forge sounds clear and is easy to understand, it is optimized with SEO, and it also has images and videos inserted into it.

The many features of Article Forge and cheaper pricing options make it a convenient choice for anyone who is getting into the world of AI content writing. Give the instructions in this article a read to save 51% on this tool.

Top 5 Best AI Writing Tools Affiliate Programs In 2023

In 2023, affiliate marketing has become a prominent side hustle for many people. A lot of people are also doing this as their full-time job. Now, if you are doing affiliate marketing, people should actually want to buy the product you are promoting. We are here with a detailed article about the affiliate programs of the top 5 AI writing tools.

AI has been a hot trend since last year and AI writing tools attract a lot of new customers every day. An affiliate marketer would want to promote a product that has a lot of buyers, and AI writing tools are that product. Not just this, there are even more benefits to doing this.

The affiliate programs of the top AI writing tools offer some very high commissions. For example, Article Forge gives you a solid 25% commission on every purchase made through your link. This is pretty high compared to other industries. Similarly, there are other benefits like priority access to features and other perks.

Stay with us till the end of this article as we discuss the affiliate programs of the top 5 AI writing tools.

Best Ai Writing Affiliate Programs

Top 5 Best High Paying Ai Writing Tools Affiliate Programs in 2023

1. Article Forge Affiliate Program

Article Forge is a tool powered by AI to generate some great quality articles. Its content is always engaging and to the point. Moreover, its articles are optimized for SEO purposes as well.

The affiliate program of Article Forge has been an attraction for many marketers. The main reason for the popularity of this program is its high commission percentage. Additionally, the Article Forge affiliate program gives you recurring commissions on the purchases which are initiated from your link.

Perks of Article Forge’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Article Forge has many benefits which are listed below:

  • You get a 25% commission on each purchase made
  • They give you recurring commissions on the same plan
  • You also get priority access to new updates

2. Jasper Affiliate Program

Jasper is a modern AI writing tool that works like an assistant. It can understand your commands and can participate in human-like conversation. A lot of marketing and blogging people use Jasper.

The affiliate program of Jasper is a great option as it has a higher commission per referral. Moreover, Jasper helps you in the promotion of their products as well. Jasper is a tool that can easily attract many new customers because of its useful features. The AI-powered chatbot has been many people’s favorite.

Perks of Jasper’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program Jasper has the following perks:

  • There is a 30% commission on each referral and purchase through your link
  • People buy Jasper more easily due to the bonus credits
  • The Jasper team will help you with the promotion

3. Writesonic Affiliate Program

Writesonic is a similar tool that can be your writing assistant. However, the abilities of Writesonic can outrun any human assistant. It can suggest the writer with useful prompts and other types of suggestions at the time of writing.

The affiliate program of Writesonic comes with many benefits as you get recurring commissions on your special link. The percentage of commission is 30% with a referral period of 30 days. Writesonic is easy to buy for customers due to its features and affordable plans.

Perks of Writesonic’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Writesonic gives you the following perks:

  • You get up to 30% in commission per sale through your link
  • The commission is recurring for a lifetime
  • The tool gives discount deals as well

4. Frase Affiliate Program

An AI-powered marketing and analytics tool, Frase can be a useful asset for any blogger out there. Its high-quality features will make your content seem much better. Additionally, Frase will help you generate some high-ranking content faster.

Frase has a great affiliate program that tempts many affiliate marketers to join in. You will get a 40% commission which is also recurring. On top of that the referral period is 60 days instead of the usual 30 days.

Perks of Frase’s Affiliate Program

The following are a few perks of the Frase affiliate program.

  • A commission of 40% per referral
  • Recurring for a lifetime
  • 60 days referral period

5. Article Spinner Affiliate Program

This is a hit tool with its amazing rewriting abilities. Article Spinner sells very easily because of the many features that it has to offer. There are a lot of marketers buying tools like this.

Article Spinner’s affiliate program has to be one of the most successful ones. It has paid a humongous amount of $7.3 Million to its affiliates. The commission percentage is a full half of what the customer pays. And yes, it is recurring also.

Perks of Article Spinner’s Affiliate Program

The following are a few benefits of their affiliate program:

  • You will get a 50% commission for every sale
  • The commission is recurring for a lifetime
  • They have discounts to help you sell easily


Affiliate marketing has been one of the best side hustles in the modern past. People from all walks of life with a little audience do it. Since AI is taking over everything, why not promote AI products for a living?

This article talked about the affiliate programs of 5 AI writing tools with a lot of benefits. Each of these products is very easy to sell. You can take a look at the commission rates that vary from 25% up to 50%.

Take a look at all and make a living with minimum effort.

Article Forge Affiliate Program 2023 – Higher Commission Per Referral

Many people with an online audience earn a lot of money through affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs pay good amounts of money. But, there are a few that pay really good amounts of money. One of these is the affiliate program of Article Forge which pays quite a heft sum in commission per referral.

Article Forge is an AI-powered writing tool that helps people with generating articles in a very short time. Many bloggers and content writers use this tool to speed up their work process. Additionally, it can help them create bulk articles for SEO purposes. The cheaper pricing and Article Forge coupons are another reason that it attracts a lot of new customers every day.

The affiliate program of Article Forge is designed to help affiliate marketers attract more customers. There are attractive discounts and coupon codes on offer regularly. Article Forge pays 25% of the plan price to its affiliates. This is a huge percentage of money in comparison to other such tools’ affiliate programs.

Stay with us till the end of this article as we discuss the Article Forge affiliate program and why it pays a higher commission per referral than its competitors.

Article Forge Affiliate Program

What is Article Forge?

Imagine you hire a writer who can work 24 hours a day and write you a well-documented article in a few minutes on any topic. You might think that’s going to cost you, say, $1000 per day, but you are wrong. Article Forge is a writing tool that does all of the things we have mentioned above, and it costs… only $13 per month.

Article Forge was created so writers and bloggers can save their time and money by generating publish-ready articles within minutes. It can write a complete article having images and videos within 60 seconds. The common word length of Article Forge’s articles is more than 1500 words.

This tool has got a lot of features that will attract new customers. Many affiliate marketers choose to promote products that attract customers easily. Article Forge is such a tool due to its well-thought pricing plans. And the features just add more traction for the customers.

Article Forge Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Article Forge is a handy opportunity for people with a modest audience online. You can promote their tool and get up to 25% in commissions. What makes it even better is that the commission is recurring. So as long as someone pays for Article Forge, you get 25% of what they pay.

Article Forge’s affiliate program has multiple benefits and several things will make people want to purchase the tool. The number one thing is discounts on the tool, which you can promote to your audience. The Article Forge coupon will give them a 51% discount but you will get your full commission.

What You Get from Article Forge Affiliate Program

Article Forge’s affiliate program comes with multiple benefits that not many tools offer. The biggest feature of this program is that you get a hefty 25% commission off all the purchases made through your link. Moreover, there is priority access to certain features of the tool for you.

The following is a list of what the affiliate program of Article Forge offers you:

  • A 25% commission per referral through your unique link
  • Priority access to many Article Forge features
  • Discount offers to promote to your customers
  • A coupon code that can save you and your audience 51% on Article Forge
  • Helpful tools to analyze the performance of your link and promotion articles

Steps to Becoming An Article Forge Affiliate

Some tools make it quite hard for people to sign up for their affiliate programs, or their sign-up process is complicated. That is not the case with Article Forge as they have a simple process to help you sign up for their affiliate program.

The following are the required steps to start earning money as an Article Forge affiliate:

1. Sign Up: The first step to becoming an affiliate of Article Forge is signing up for their affiliate program. For this, you have to go to their website where they have provided the necessary guidance for signing up.

Make Money with Article Forge

2. Getting Your Link: Now you need to get your unique promotion link that will lead to Article Forge’s pricing page. This link can be obtained after you sign up for Article Forge. You will have to promote this link to earn money.
3. Start Earning Commissions: The last step is simple; start earning money. Just promote Article Forge through your link to your audience and anywhere else you can. As people use your link to buy Article Forge, you will keep making money.

How Article Forge Affiliate Program Works

FAQs – Article Forge Affiliate Program

These FAQs are the common questions and their answer related to Article Forge’s affiliate program. We have summarized this program through these questions.

Who Can Sign Up for Article Forge’s Affiliate Program?

Anyone can sign up for Article Forge as long as they have a medium for promoting the product. It is preferable if you have a social media or any online audience.

How to Become an Affiliate of Article Forge?

You have to simply go to their website and sign up there for the program. This article also contains a detailed guide on this.

 What is the Commision per Referral?

The commission per referral for Article Forge is 25%. This is a relatively higher per-referral commission if you compare it to their competitors.


Article Forge is a likable tool due to its interesting features which are useful to many bloggers and content writers. Its pricing plans are carefully designed and the prices are also affordable. The Article Forge coupons just add the cherry on top of the cake by reducing its price even further.

We discussed the affiliate program of Article Forge in this article. Anyone with a considerable online presence can sign up for this program and make quite a lot of money. It has multiple benefits including a hefty 25% commission on every sale made through your unique link.

We recommend this program to all those affiliate marketers who are looking for programs with higher commissions per referral.