Notepad++ Portable Latest Version

Notepad++ is a source code and text editor app, which is used for the Microsoft Windows operating system. This app is all about editing. You can edit text and code in many ways with all features of this app. This is the new version of Notepad. This is an open source text editor which is used in the Ms Windows and it comes from the C programming operator. Notepad ++ Portable released.

You can install this app in your PC and tested it a view. The review of this app did not release yet, but it was tested in PC properly. It has many great features for editing the text and code, it supports multiple languages and plugins. It is an open source and completely free for all Ms Window Users. It is a replacement of Notepad.

The main purpose of this app is to get edited a document as per your choice. It covers many plugins as NppExec and DBGp and programming languages as PHP and C.This editor contains many features as we discussed below.

Notepad++ Portable For Mac

Notepad ++ is most used, expanded open source online text editor for MS Windows user and everyone searching for it but most of the people still searching for the Notepad Mac, So, If you are one of them who attracted from Notepad++ and using only Mac, there are alternatives available so that you can use the Notepad++ text editor in your Notepad Mac. Mac users also required Notepad ++ for their use with all those features which is compatible in Microsoft Windows.

Notepad++ has many features that are available in the Alternatives for Mac users. We explained here some Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac.

Notepad++ Portable for Mac

Sublime text editor is best and widely used editor by the users of Notepad Mac as Notepad++ has folding feature to reduce and improve sections same as in this sublime text editor, the best feature of this editor is search, you can jump from any line to any word, word to line, any choice of symbol to line even you can search for any symbol jump to any line or symbol of your choice or can even search for any word. The only disadvantage, this is not open source.

Notepad++ Portable For Windows

Notepad++ is a new version of text editor. Notepad++portable is a source code editor and this version is the customization replacement of Notepad. It includes “folding” which allows users to easily reduce and expand sections of code to view the whole document. It has many features as multi-language syntax highlighting, macro recording and playback Perl-compatible regular expression search/replace, auto-completion, document map etc. The program can easy-to-access menu with many functions and features.

It is an open source text editor of a new version. The review of this editor not completed yet, but it was tested. Notepad++ supports several programming languages, it runs MS Windows environment. It can edit many types of documents.

Notepad ++ written in C++ and support win 32. You can install this app in Ms Window and used for editing document of any extension. This application supports many functions to edit your document as –

Notepad++ Portable For Windows

Features and Highlights

  • Folding so that its sections and reduce the syntax
  • Layout editing
  • Highlighting of syntax
  • Automatic completion
  • Document in multiple
  • Multiple View
  • Regular Search of expression
  • Supports replacement
  • Supports drag and drop feature
  • Dynamic Views
  • Auto-detection File Status

If you are really interested in Notepad++, you’ll really like Notepad++ Portable. It has the same best functionality as a big brother of it, but in the new version data can be stored as the memory in the USB storage

After installation, it takes hardly 2 MB space of the system memory, so it’s beneficial for the small memory drives. When we tested it, we found and confirmed that it supports many programming languages, test editing with many features, syntax highlighting with reduction and improvement of sections but if you want to check spelling so you need to download spell checker.

This Article give all information about the new version of Notepad ++ portable text and programming source code editor application with all of that features, process and advantages.

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