Top 5 Best AI Writing Tools Affiliate Programs In 2023

Best Ai Writing Affiliate Programs

In 2023, affiliate marketing has become a prominent side hustle for many people. A lot of people are also doing this as their full-time job. Now, if you are doing affiliate marketing, people should actually want to buy the product you are promoting. We are here with a detailed article about the affiliate programs of the top 5 AI writing tools.

AI has been a hot trend since last year and AI writing tools attract a lot of new customers every day. An affiliate marketer would want to promote a product that has a lot of buyers, and AI writing tools are that product. Not just this, there are even more benefits to doing this.

The affiliate programs of the top AI writing tools offer some very high commissions. For example, Article Forge gives you a solid 25% commission on every purchase made through your link. This is pretty high compared to other industries. Similarly, there are other benefits like priority access to features and other perks.

Stay with us till the end of this article as we discuss the affiliate programs of the top 5 AI writing tools.

Best Ai Writing Affiliate Programs

Top 5 Best High Paying Ai Writing Tools Affiliate Programs in 2023

1. Article Forge Affiliate Program

Article Forge is a tool powered by AI to generate some great quality articles. Its content is always engaging and to the point. Moreover, its articles are optimized for SEO purposes as well.

The affiliate program of Article Forge has been an attraction for many marketers. The main reason for the popularity of this program is its high commission percentage. Additionally, the Article Forge affiliate program gives you recurring commissions on the purchases which are initiated from your link.

Perks of Article Forge’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Article Forge has many benefits which are listed below:

  • You get a 25% commission on each purchase made
  • They give you recurring commissions on the same plan
  • You also get priority access to new updates

2. Jasper Affiliate Program

Jasper is a modern AI writing tool that works like an assistant. It can understand your commands and can participate in human-like conversation. A lot of marketing and blogging people use Jasper.

The affiliate program of Jasper is a great option as it has a higher commission per referral. Moreover, Jasper helps you in the promotion of their products as well. Jasper is a tool that can easily attract many new customers because of its useful features. The AI-powered chatbot has been many people’s favorite.

Perks of Jasper’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program Jasper has the following perks:

  • There is a 30% commission on each referral and purchase through your link
  • People buy Jasper more easily due to the bonus credits
  • The Jasper team will help you with the promotion

3. Writesonic Affiliate Program

Writesonic is a similar tool that can be your writing assistant. However, the abilities of Writesonic can outrun any human assistant. It can suggest the writer with useful prompts and other types of suggestions at the time of writing.

The affiliate program of Writesonic comes with many benefits as you get recurring commissions on your special link. The percentage of commission is 30% with a referral period of 30 days. Writesonic is easy to buy for customers due to its features and affordable plans.

Perks of Writesonic’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Writesonic gives you the following perks:

  • You get up to 30% in commission per sale through your link
  • The commission is recurring for a lifetime
  • The tool gives discount deals as well

4. Frase Affiliate Program

An AI-powered marketing and analytics tool, Frase can be a useful asset for any blogger out there. Its high-quality features will make your content seem much better. Additionally, Frase will help you generate some high-ranking content faster.

Frase has a great affiliate program that tempts many affiliate marketers to join in. You will get a 40% commission which is also recurring. On top of that the referral period is 60 days instead of the usual 30 days.

Perks of Frase’s Affiliate Program

The following are a few perks of the Frase affiliate program.

  • A commission of 40% per referral
  • Recurring for a lifetime
  • 60 days referral period

5. Article Spinner Affiliate Program

This is a hit tool with its amazing rewriting abilities. Article Spinner sells very easily because of the many features that it has to offer. There are a lot of marketers buying tools like this.

Article Spinner’s affiliate program has to be one of the most successful ones. It has paid a humongous amount of $7.3 Million to its affiliates. The commission percentage is a full half of what the customer pays. And yes, it is recurring also.

Perks of Article Spinner’s Affiliate Program

The following are a few benefits of their affiliate program:

  • You will get a 50% commission for every sale
  • The commission is recurring for a lifetime
  • They have discounts to help you sell easily


Affiliate marketing has been one of the best side hustles in the modern past. People from all walks of life with a little audience do it. Since AI is taking over everything, why not promote AI products for a living?

This article talked about the affiliate programs of 5 AI writing tools with a lot of benefits. Each of these products is very easy to sell. You can take a look at the commission rates that vary from 25% up to 50%.

Take a look at all and make a living with minimum effort.

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