About Us

Hello friends and welcome to Notepad++ application. We all are used to the Notepad application which is one of the simplest yet efficient word tools. Now with the advancement in technology the latest version of Notepad,  i.e., the Notepad++ has arrived which allows its users to perform more advanced tasks which were not possible in the old Notepad version. So the Notepad++ is the latest source code editor from Microsoft. It allows its users to work on multiple windows simultaneously, which is not found in any other text editor.


It is developed with some in-built features found in high-end source code editors, such as autocompletion for programming and other specific features. It supports many languages such as Action Scripts, C++, Cobol, SQL, etc.


So we have developed this site to provide you with all the steps which will enable you to download Notepad++ in various devices, such as Mac, Windows, Android, etc. We will also provide you the information related to the plugins compatible with Notepad++. Also you can find easy step-by-step guide on how you can install these plugins.


So if you are a coder or developer, you can find this tool very effective. It will help you develop the codes and can also be installed across any device such as laptops and mobiles. Using the step-by-step guide we have provided in this site, you can install Notepad++ across any device for free.